this wig *^*

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a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

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Makes sense.

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Anonymous asked: The Prince of Tennis fandom seems so little on tumblr, it's kinda sad. Any PoT blogs you can advice me to follow? I want more PoT on my dash :(

I should’ve answered this yesterday but my internet’s really shitty in my house so yeah I’m currently inside school and illegally DLing anime while I’m typing this lol

Well then *cracks knuckles* here’s a list of blogs I know that are in the fandom

ibuntamarui, ryoukisarazu, atsushikisarazu, shisonjun, kiyosumisengoku, mitsuyaryo, yuushioshitari, mukahigakuto, mofochika, thethreedemons, seiichiyukimura, arysthaeniru, genichirousanada, genikrispies, fiddery, selyann, askthetenihomos, askrokkaku, ask-gymleadermizuki, ask-puppets-of-tennis, askhyoutei, akayadoesart, shishido-ryou, yanagay, pchk4, words-unleashed, plaidshirtdazeandknights, imagine-pot, kamicchis, kiriharabuchou, tenimyuart, tenimyu2nd, tenipuri-myu, tezukaphantom, allthekokeshis, masaharuniou, your-kaminess, chun283, witch-sama, kattobingu, badrude, kiriharabakaya, atobae, nuisancehelicopter, alpha-pair, fuckyeahprinceoftennis, fyeahtenipurimusic, fyeahprinceoftennismusic, thetezukazone, textsfromtenipuri, statusesfromtenipuri, 4nesuke, seishungakuentennisuniverse, manuelaggm, micchikureshima, brotome

sorry I didn’t sort them out OTL most of them are my friends but I’m sure that there are more tenipuri blogs here! *u*


Get To Know Prince of Tennis: The 2nd Years A.K.A The Next Generation




they did it. They fucking did it

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Anonymous asked: You were one of my first friends on here and one of the first people to make me feel welcome in the fandom and if I'm ever in the Philippines (which will be... hopefully sometime?) I'm gonna hit you up and we're going to KFC

don’t hit me and I’ll give you a bouquet of pizza twisters



I relate to this on a spiritual level

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